About Phreeway Caravans

Phreeway Caravans - Caravans Revisited grew out of a love of caravanning and a passion for Kiwi caravans; especially those which evoke memories of NZ summers in the heydays of the 60's and 70's.

In 2006 Paul Cooper founded Phreeway Caravans, and in 2007 began operating out of a factory in East Tamaki. The business has expanded and Phreeway Caravans has now relocated to Pukekohe.

Paul has over 30 year's expertise in all aspects of the boat building, cabinetry and furniture manufacturing industries. His experience ranges from steel, aluminium, wooden and composite marine construction, to fibreglass boatbuilding; having owned and operated businesses in these fields as well as in the kitchen and furniture industries. Using Paul's skills and 'hands-on' experience, Phreeway Caravans is able to design and execute innovative ideas not often seen in the caravan and RV business.

Our aims are to introduce the pleasures of caravanning to those who have yet to experience getting out and enjoying our beautiful country at their own pace, and to encourage responsible caravanning practises by upgrading older caravans to self-containment; thereby providing owners with the opportunity to experience freedom camping without impacting negatively on the environment.

The original interiors of the older caravans lack many of the refinements that are now common place in today's caravans and RVs. With Paul's expertise and practical experience of maximizing space in small places (e.g. in boats) Phreeway Caravans is able to provide additional comfort and amenities to your older caravan (if that is what you want) without compromising its authentic look and character. Alternatively an original but 'tired' caravan can be rejuvenated and given a new lease of life.

As owners of Phreeway Caravans we are very proud of what has been achieved in the time our business has been operating. We are dedicated to retaining some of NZ's heritage in the form of the "Kiwi Caravan Holiday" that was so much part of our culture 50 years ago and which is now making a come back; long live the Kiwi Caravan!


Caravanning is an affordable way for a family to holiday, see the country and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow campers. If your caravan is self-contained you have the additional option of enjoying some of the more out-of-the-way places. The cost of registering a caravan is the same as registering the garden trailer. In most instances your caravan can be towed by your family car (e.g. most 10'-12' caravans can be towed with a 1600cc car) see our Hot Tips.

Take to the freeway in a Phreeway Caravan …

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