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Your Caravan Can be Reconditioned/Repaired:

As with anything, years of wear and tear will take its toll.  Most of the older kiwi caravans are still basically sound but … the old sealer has given up, there's water damage from where it's been leaking, fastenings have rusted and broken, the chassis and draw bar need attention; in short your caravan is in need of some TLC

Phreeway Caravans is in the business of revisiting (sometimes rescuing) older caravans and giving them a new lease of life.  After assessing your caravan from top to bottom, the first priority is to get it water-proofed. To do this we remove all fittings and tracks, clean off the old broken-down sealer from both the fittings and the caravan before replacing on quality modern sealers. We replace rusted and corroded fastenings with stainless steel and aluminium fastenings. The window seals, rubbers and fastenings are checked and replaced if necessary. Once your caravan is re-waterproofed you can take it to the next stage.

Depending on the state of your caravan our repairs can include; replacing damaged lining, tow-hitch, chassis, brakes, road lights, electrical, plumbing, painting etc.

We offer our professional skills and expertise based in the boatbuilding industry, use quality materials and take the time to do a thorough job with no corners cut. The result; a 'better than new' caravan, with the potential to last another generation or three!

'a stitch in time saves nine'; have your caravan repaired sooner rather than later…


Your Caravan Can be Upgraded: to better than 'the good old days'.

Phreeway Caravans offer their professional skills and expertise based in the boatbuilding industry, to upgrade your caravan.

We can provide comfort and spaciousness to your caravan by relining & insulating, altering sleeping & seating arrangements, upgrading equipment & amenities (including adding shower & toilet); all of which add convenience and value to your caravan. The extent to which you upgrade is entirely up to you and if necessary the work can be done in stages to suit your budget.

Environmental issues aside, there's a lot to be said for having your caravan self-contained. Self-containment gives you the added freedom to visit areas which would otherwise be off-limits. W
ith the demise of some of our traditional camping grounds, the DOC & Regional Parks are good alternatives. A self-contained caravan makes these places even more attractive.
Regardless of size and/or age a caravan can be self-contained; the 1973 13' 8" Gipsy caravan in our Gallery is one example of a small self-contained caravan. 
A certified self-contained caravan is a plus for you and for our environment. 

take to the freeway with a Phreeway Caravan...

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Custom Rebuilds

Your Caravan Can be Custom Designed and Rebuilt to Your Requirements:

Can't find what you're looking for? Not sure what you want? Perhaps your circumstances have changed and your caravan no longer suits your needs. We are happy to discuss your options and offer suggestions. Phreeway Caravans can redesign your caravan and custom rebuild to your specific requirements. Alternatively we can help you source a suitable caravan to convert to meet your specific needs.

Phreeway Caravans are innovative and experienced in redesigning interior layouts to maximize space thereby allowing additional features, such as a permanent double bed and/or shower and toilet facilities, which often were not part of the caravan's original design. We also make modifications to the exterior to allow for contained gas bottles, califont and HW units, water tanks and utility lockers for tools, power lead, park blocks, hoses etc. In fact you can have anything a motorhome has and more (except the motor)! 

By using our professional expertise based in the boatbuilding industry and innovative ideas Phreeway Caravans can create the best of both worlds; a comfortable modern caravan with the character and charm of the iconic kiwi caravan.
Check out the redesigned & rebuilt caravans in our Gallery. Under Extras/Links read Trena Marshall’s article on the 13’Concord Phreeway Caravans custom-built specifically for her.
In addition the Feb/Mar 2014 issue of the Australian Vintage Caravan features articles on two custom-rebuilds done by Phreeway Caravans; a 10'4" Clipper and a 13' Concord caravan. The 10'4" Clipper features on the cover and the centre spread of the magazine and was also chosen as "best caravan rebuild" NZ, with NZ Motorhomes, Caravans and Destinations magazine.

take to the freeway with a Phreeway Caravan... 

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We can Convert your Caravan into something else:

You might like the idea of using a cute caravan shape and having it transformed into a unique article.
This "Baravan" is ‘one out of the box’.
Phreeway Caravans took a modest Liteweight 1100 caravan and converted it into a mobile bar for our client.
Features include: solid cedar bi-fold windows, solid rimu bench tops, and a rear opening serving bar with outside bench, a solid cedar and glass opening on gas struts.
The whole caravan has been trimmed in solid cedar with unique custom-made spoked timber wheel trim.

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Caravan Appraisal

Seen a Caravan you're interested in: have it Appraised

Phreeway Caravans
offer a service whereby we will check-out a caravan on your behalf and give you feedback to help you with your decision to purchase or not. 
We charge on an hourly rate and are happy to visit the caravan in question on site. Contact us for more details and/or to arrange an appraisal.

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